We Are All The Same Underneath


A student once sent me this picture which I thought should be in every single biology, psychology, sociology and life studies course or text. I do not know who the exact creator of it is, but they nailed it!


No matter what colour skin you are, what gender you are, what nationality you are, what dialect flows off of your tongue, what your sexual orientation is, what your religious beliefs are, we all share two things; 1) We are all skeletons underneath made of the same colour/matter, and (2) that beyond the flesh, blood, bones, minerals, gases, etc., we are all spirit. Isn’t it sad that so many fights, bullying incidents, hate crimes and even wars are started and continued because of what it seen on the outside–The skin? Perhaps if everyone came to the reality that we are all mortal creatures with spiritual beings housed within for a time being, there would be a lot less hatred in this “physical” world!